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Renting a Handicap Accessible Van: Everything You Need to Know

Renting a handicap accessible van

So you are planning on traveling and you will need a wheelchair accessible van once you arrive? I probably don’t have to tell you that renting a wheelchair accessible vehicle is not as easy as going to the local car rental agency. Wheelchair accessible vans are typically in short supply, so it is wise to plan as far in advance as possible. The holidays and summertime are the busiest. I would recommend making your reservation at least one month in advance if your rental will be during those times. Otherwise, you should be able to reserve a van with only 4-5 days’ notice.

1. Choose a top rate rental company

First, you should choose a company in the area you would like to rent from. Be choosy. You should expect great customer service. Traveling can be difficult to begin with, so look for a company who is willing to go the extra mile to make things easier. A great company should listen to the needs of their customer and do their best to meet them. If that means emailing the necessary information for the rental instead of taking the information over the phone, it should be an option. Delivery and pickup is also an important part. Choose a company who will pull up to the curb at your baggage claim to meet you! They should help with your bags and get you set up in the van with little effort required from you. The same goes for picking up the van at your departure. Ask for the company to meet you just outside the airport (possibly a gas station as you need to refill the tank anyhow), and drive you to your departure gate. Once again making it simple for you to exit the van with your bags and check in quickly.

2. Is the van in good condition with the equipment you need?

Secondly, ask about the vans the company has in their fleet. Some companies offer side and rear entry vans. How old are they? Are they well maintained? You may find a company that offers you the lowest price, but the vehicle you are renting may reflect that. I would suggest you look online at their website or on social media to see if any pictures are available. This may also give you an insight into the company’s customer service by reading reviews. Any van you rent should come with straps included (preferably Qstraint retractable straps as those are the simplest to operate). Also, ask if the front passenger seat can be removed if you are not traveling with a passenger who needs it. This should be an additional option for you at no extra charge.

3. Be ready when you call

Lastly, have as much information ready to go when you are making your reservation. Most companies require driver’s license information, auto insurance information, a credit card number and your flight details.

Premier Accessible Van Rental can meet your Wheelchair Accessible Van needs as easy as 1, 2, 3

At Premier Accessible Van Rental, all of these components are important to us. We treat every customer as we would want to be treated. We try to make the experience of renting a wheelchair accessible van as simple as possible. We keep our fleet updated and well maintained. We know from personal experience with family members how helpful it is to have a wheelchair accessible van to get where you need to go, and it is even better if it comes from a company like Premier Accessible Van Rental who makes you smile as you travel.


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