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Does Enterprise Rent Wheelchair Accessible Vans?

Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental Companies

Enterprise Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Enterprise is a well-known company that comes to mind when someone needs to rent a car, truck or van. However, many people are surprised to learn that Enterprise does not offer wheelchair accessible vans for rent. Enterprise does offer some adaptive driving devices such as hand controls and spinner knobs, but they do not have vans with a ramp for a wheelchair to roll inside.

What about Avis? Does Avis Rent Wheelchair Accessible Vans?

Avis does not offer any adaptive driving aids or wheelchair accessible vans.

How about Hertz? Does Hertz Rent Wheelchair Accessible Vans?

Hertz does not offer any adaptive driving aids or wheelchair accessible vans.

What about you? Does Premier Accessible Van Rental Rent Wheelchair Accessible Vans?

Yes, we do! If you have ever tried to rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle with a ramp, you know they are in short supply. Here at Premier Accessible Van Rental, we understand the need to wheelchair accessible transportation is great. That is why we service such a large area encompassing Dallas/Ft. Worth and even areas outside of the metroplex. If you are visiting the area or you live here and you need to rent a wheelchair accessible van, we would love for you to check us out! Give us a try. We promise to exceed your expectations.

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