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Celebrate Texas Independence with Premier Accessible Vans

Recently, Texas celebrated its 184th Independence Day! Join us in celebrating this great state all month long.

What is Texas Independence Day?

On March 2, 1836, Texas' revolutionary government formally declared its independence from Mexico. For almost a decade, Texas existed as an independent republic with Sam Houston serving as Texas' first elected president. By 1845, Texas officially joined the Union as the 28th state.

Dive deeper into the history of Texas.

If history, travel, or just good old fashioned Texas pride is your thing, take your Premier Accessible Van on a road trip to any of the following locations:

1) 'Remember the Alamo!'

Are you traveling from the Austin area? Glide into one of our rentals with side or rear entry, and take a one hour 18 minute trip to San Antonio.

Learn about the heroes that died for Texas freedom, get a battlefield tour, and check out the structures left behind.

2) Bullock History Museum

We've said it before, and we'll say it again - we have the best history museum here in Austin. Explore ever-changing exhibits like 'Becoming Texas' where you can explore life beyond the frontier. This extraordinary journey through more than 16,000 years of Texas history documents the rise and fall of nations.

Or experience the 'live music capital of the world' in the one-of-a-kind Austin City Limits Theater - featuring the music and musicians that made ACL the longest-running music program in American television history.

Everywhere you look, there is more rich Texas history to celebrate.

3) Are museums not for you? Visit the Scholz Garten.

Established in 1866, the Scholz Garten stakes the claim as the oldest drinking establishment in Austin, Texas. From the tin ceilings, classic black and white photos hanging on the walls, sweet tea, and Wienerschnitzel - you're sure to be satisfied at 'the spot' to celebrate the University of Texas-Austin football games.

Can't get enough?

Plan your trip with Visit Austin's website.

As always, don't forget to reserve a reliable, accessible van rental service for all your mobility travel needs. Our vans include top standard safety features, additional seating, spacious cargo area, and affordable pricing.

Located in the Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth Areas, Premier Accessible Vans goes 'the extra mile' for you. Alleviate the hassle and increase your comfort and convenience. Check out our website to reserve your van today.

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