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Beginner’s Guide for Renting a Wheelchair Accessible Van

Wheelchair Van Rental Customers

I love when a new customer calls our office and is renting a wheelchair accessible van for the first time. I enjoy the opportunity to explain to our customers what their options are in renting and how it all works.

There is nothing better than seeing our customer smile as they learn there is a simple, safe and easy way to transport their loved one (or themselves!) to wherever they need to go! There are a few simple steps to make a reservation.

  1. Use your favorite search engine (ex. Google, Bing, Yahoo) to search the keywords “Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental”. I also tell customers to include the name of a large city that is close by in the search. For example, “Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental Dallas”. This will narrow your search and keep you from seeing so many results that are not in your area.

  2. Do a little research before you call. Check out the website if one is available. Read customer reviews. Look for pictures of the company’s vans. See if they have a profile on social media. Try to get as much information about a company to help you make your decision in who would be best to rent from.

  3. Gather your information before you call. Most rental companies need your name, address, driver’s license number and expiration for the person who will be driving the van, auto insurance information and a credit card in order to make a reservation.

  4. When you call, expect a friendly voice on the other end of the line! Customer service should be a number one priority. Anyone can rent a van to you, but it takes extra effort to provide the best customer service. You want a company that is willing to work hard for you.

  5. Find out the address to pick up your rental, or confirm delivery/pickup times if that works best for you.

Here at Premier Accessible Van Rental, we welcome the chance to work for you! If you have never rented before, or if you rent often, we would love to make things simple for you and provide you with an enjoyable experience as you rent a wheelchair accessible van.

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